John Waters on the Easter Rising


Check out Joseph Hogan's interview with Professor John Waters for a podcast he hosts about politics and culture! In the conversation, Professor Waters covers the literary and political significance of the Easter Rising, the 1916 rebellion of Irish nationalists and republicans against British rule. The podcast is available at 

Encoding the Michael Field Diaries


During the late Victorian era, Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper published over 40 works under their joint pseudonym as ‘Michael Field’. But the couple’s most culturally-significant material is arguably in their unpublished diaries. These have, however, been inaccessible to most scholars for two reasons. Firstly, they are tucked away in the British Library archives. Secondly, the [...]

Death, Mourning, and the Macabre in Antebellum Gift Books


From about 1820 through 1860, gift books were a prominent component of the antebellum literary scene. Designed to be given at Christmas time, the books had covers decorated with gold and included titles like The Gift: A Christmas and New Year’s Present  or Forget Me Not: A Christmas and New Year’s Present. Each year, a new edition of [...]

Playtesting Philosophy: Identity (Re)Construction and Ethical Exploration in The Talos Principle.


Playtesting, n.: “a method of quality control that takes place at many points during the video game design process. A selected group of users play unfinished versions of a game to work out flaws in gameplay, level design, and other elements, as well as to discover and resolve bugs and glitches.” What happens when a [...]

Hearing the Music of the Hemispheres


[The Drama Review’s] first born-digital multimodal article by Erin B. Mee analyzes Music of the Hemispheres as a concert, a film, a portrait, an improv, and a performed (neural) performance analysis that offers new ways of thinking about perception, spectatorship, and the brain. The article, using Scalar, incorporates film, video, and audio clips that are [...]

Margaret Sanger Papers Project


The Margaret Sanger Papers Project is an NYU-based historical editing project, begun in 1985 to locate, arrange, edit, research, and publish the papers of the noted birth control pioneer. The Project has so far transcribed and encoded (using TEI) over 600 speeches and articles and is in the process of proofreading them, adding subject metadata [...]

Visualizing the Piers Plowman Manuscript Corpus


A network modeling project that looks at the co-occurrence of works bound with the Piers Plowman poem: each node represents one work that appears in a Piers manuscript; that node is connected to other nodes in order to visualize the work’s co-occurrence with others in the same manuscript.  Nodes and the edges (lines) that connect [...]

Organism for Poetic Research and PELT


The Organism for Poetic Research (OPR) organizes and initiates events that open a collaborative field for experimentation and research performed in the humanities, the natural sciences, the visual arts and poetry. PELT is a newly launched magazine that publishes work by artists and academics connected with OPR events. The OPR website advertises calls for work [...]