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You can find here a selection of videos of previous lectures, workshops, and conferences hosted by the English Department.

“AnthropoScenes: Climate Change and the Drama of Bad Ideas” — Una Chaudhuri

English Department Faculty Lecture, Fall 2015.

Poetics and Life: A Conference in Honor of Anselm Haverkamp (Part One)

Martin Harries (UC Irvine), “The Sounds of Postwar Life: Günther Eich”
Michèle Lowrie (University of Chicago), “Bare Life? The Poetics of Clothing (Cicero, Horace, Hugo, Broch)” (30:52)
Erica Weitzman (Northwestern University), “Außer Dienst, or Life in the Village: The Castle and the Possibility of the Novel” (1:15:07)

Poetics and Life: A Conference in Honor of Anselm Haverkamp (Part Two)

Anselm Haverkamp (NYU), Introduction
Stephen Greenblatt (Harvard University), “‘Age is Unnecessary:’ Shakespeare and Life History Theory” (8:10

“Are Religious Objects Indifferent?” – Caroline Bynum

“Micromegas: The Very Small, the Very Small, and the Object of Digital Humanities” – Franco Moretti

“Inheriting the Nation” – Rajeswari Sunder Rajan

“When Subalterns Speak” – Robert JC Young


For videos from the Post Human Antiquities Conference (2014), please click here.