Field Trip to Fales!

Exciting and rare opportunity this week! NYU’s very own Charlotte Priddle gave the Early Modern Working Group a hands-on tour of some of the Fales’ collection highlights of early modern cookery, including:

  • Marthe Smithe her booke, a handwritten collection of 17th-century recipes bound in its original vellum,
  • Early 18th-century seasonal cooking in Royal Cookery: Or, The Compleat Court-Cook. Containing the Choicest Receipts in all the several Branches of Cookery, viz. for making of Soops, Bisques, Olio’s, Terrines, Surtouts, Puptons, Ragoos, Forc’d-Meats, Sauces, Pattys, Pies, tarts, Tanises, Cakes, Puddings, Jullies, etc, As likewise, Forty Plates, curiously engraven on Copper, of the magnificent Entertainments at Coronations and Installments ; of Balls, Weddings, etc. at Court ; as likewise of City-Feasts, To which are added Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year.
  • And a reprint by the Metropolitan Museum of Richard II’s Book of Feasts and Recipes, with instructions on how to prepare 14 oxen lying in salte, 2 oxen ffreyssh, 120 hedes of shepe fressh, 120 carcas of shepe fressh, 12 bores, 14 calvys, 140 pigges, 300 maribones of larde and grece, ynough, 3 ton of salt veneson, 3 does of  ffressh veneson, 50 swannes, 210 gees, 50 capons of hie grece, 8 dozen other capons, 60 dussen hennes, 400 conyngges, 4 fesauntes, 5 herons and bitores, 6 kiddes, 5 dozen pullayn for gely, 12 dozen to roast, 100 dozen peions, 12 dozen partrych, 8 dozen rabettes, 12 dosen curlewes, 12 cranes, wilde fowle ynough, 120 galons melke, 12 galons creme, 11 galons of cruddes, 12 bushels of appelles, and last but not least, 11 thousand eggs for a feast. The number of attendees at said feast was not not provided.

A huge thanks to Charlotte for helping us experience delight, surprise, and disgust! Feel free to browse photos of the event below.

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