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About Us

Theory Biscuits is a reading group with the purpose of reading foundational texts in literary theory. Previously titled “Theory Bitches,” this reading group planned to self-reflexively question and “unread” the canon of theory as a historically male-centered and male-dominated field. However, in questioning our name, we (the group coordinators) realized that the word “bitches” brought up the complexities of reclaiming and reappropriating language much in the same way that reclaiming and reappropriating theory produces its own complexities. How can we undertake a project of self-reflexivity and persistent questioning if we decide for everyone what the word meant/means/will mean? By using “biscuits” in our title, we not only endeavor to practice what we preach, but to also emphasize playfulness in this mode of interminable questioning without moving away from our goal of reading theory anew.

Theory Biscuits meets every other Friday at 11:00am in Room 805, beginning 9/23/16.

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Kim Adams
Kim Adams
Kim Adams is a PhD student in English at NYU. She works primarily on poetry and theory, and is writing her dissertation on electricity in 20th Century American literature. She is also interested in hoarding, entropy, and anarchism. She spends most of her time in Coventry, Connecticut, where she has a small house, a large garden, and a large Newfoundland dog.
Leah Becker
Leah BeckerCo-Founder, MA Candidate, NYU
Leah Becker is a second year MA student hailing from the Pacific Northwest and specializing in Early and Nineteenth Century American Literature. Her scholarly interests include history of readership, critical theory, the German language, American transcendentalism, and Herman Melville. Her not-so-scholarly interests include craft beer, politics, feminism, television, and Harry Potter. She is currently writing her MA Thesis on trauma and witnessing in Melville’s Moby-Dick.
Liandra Elise Sy
Liandra Elise SyCo-Founder, MA Candidate at NYU
Liandra Elise Sy is a second year MA specializing in English literature of the long eighteenth century. Her other emphases include animal studies and postcolonial studies. Her real albeit impractical passion is actually video games (of the roll/role playing kind), but for now one must pursue more fruitful endeavors in academia.
Mark SandersFaculty Sponsor
Juliet FlemingFaculty Sponsor